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Since 1984 GAS has been synonymous with clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women with an essential and unique style. Denim is the DNA of GAS. It is its history and its future. An indissoluble relationship that has marked its growth and international recognition and which continues to be the element around which the collections revolve. A quality total look that meets the needs of an intelligent, aware, international and cosmopolitan audience. Clothes that have a contemporary flavour but go beyond current fashions to express the wearer’s individuality on every occasion.

Millet Lafuma

The essence of Millet Mountain Group through its brands Millet and Lafuma is to offer top quality apparel, footwear and accessories for incredible outdoor adventures, ski activities, alpinism and climbing experiences. Over the years Lafuma and Millet garments have been trusted by the French army and intrepid explorers alike. We produce hiking boots, waterproof trousers, t-shirts, ultra-strong and lightweight bags and everything you need for your next adventure. All sport is motion. Motion is fluidity, vitality and is freedom.


Triumph has been crafting lingerie for over 130 years, ensuring women look and feel their best. Since 1886 Triumph has understood that with perfectly fitting lingerie comes the feeling of true support, empowering women every day, all over the world. Triumph International is one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies with own retail stores and wholesale customers worldwide, selling products within a global distribution spanning 120 countries. TRIUMPH is a registered trademark of the Triumph Firm Group.


Coincasa has been creating and composing collections since 1962; scouting for styles and new products the world over and reinterpreting them with Italian flavour. Top quality materials, attention to detail and original fusions all blend together to create a contemporary elegance which lets you furnish your home in your own unique style.


Hydrogen is one of the leading Italian Luxury Sportswear brands. Founded in 2003 Hydrogen stands out as the first company that produces luxurious sportswear and numerous limited editions in co-branding with excellence brands.